Fingerprinting in Web

This is a part of my post about how corporations gather data about us even if we don't know anything about it. It's a very small and simple demo. The idea is that you visit a porn site as a thing you're most ashamed of with incognito mode on. You're a bit of a hacker yourself, aren't you?

This demo will show you how silly of you it is to think that rich powerful and smart corporations cannot deduce your ID if you use incognito mode. Go ahead!

C'mon, sweatie, tell me what your favorite pr0n is?

Additional data:

  1. I've added 10k unique fingerprints as extras with different answers;
  2. I wipe all the data every day at 00:00 GMT+0;
  3. data will never leave my servers. What happens in Las Vegas only goes in bad comedies.