This is nonsense. I honestly think the amount of blogs I've started in my life is painfully close to the number of posts I've written in them. I've always lost motivation to maintain it long enough. But still, here I am now starting this all over again. But this time something is different.

So, if this time would be different and I would last longer than your boyfriend, this post will never pop up in reader's timeline, but I still want to clarify (mostly to myself) the motivation for doing it once more.


Even though I'm Russian I use English as a primary language for this blog. The main reason is rather simple: as an IT guy, I consume tons of content in English, because there's just not enough stuff written in Russian. I also primarily watch YouTube shows in English, which enhances my vocabulary with colloquial language. Knowing what Redis is or what a distributed queue manager is won't help you at a grocery store in the US.

But consuming is really a small part of the language. It will be hard for you to confuse me with any English words since I have a significant passive vocabulary, but when it's time for me to talk, please be prepared to listen to a 5-year-old speech. So this blog is essentially a regular (at least I hope so) practice of writing in a foreign language.

I read a lot

I read 5 to 20 articles a day, and I do this for at least 5 years straight. I've learned so much from the open internet that I feel the need to spread this knowledge. Consider it payback to the magnificent humanity that taught me everything I know.

I have some experience

Last, but not least. I've written a few articles for CleverPay blog, which had some traction across a spectrum of social platforms, and that made me think, that I have enough theoretical and practical experience to share with the internet. Again, as a payback to humanity.

Also, need to say that my mom and dad think I'm cool, which, as it turns out, is more than enough to start writing articles on achieving inner peace. That is my plan B.